About Company

Al-Harmain dates is an entity that genuinely projects the idea to its practical manifestation through the provision of quality dates with competitive price to introduce the world’s best varieties of dates in Pakistan.
Al-Harmain dates ensure the quality marks of production, acquisition, processing and packaging to a higher degree of health and nutritional Standards. our highly skilled professional team in Saudi Arabia work round the Clock to present an immaculate range of dates viz. Ajwa, Sukary Rotab, Sukary Haleel, Suqi Haleel to make sure that our technology at Al-Harmain dates not only ensure the nutritional value but increases its shelf life. Dates not-only meet and exceed industry standards but are the preferred consumer Choice.
we are proud to have the confidence of mega and reputed Stores like Metro, Shaheen, Easajee, Dewatson, Punjab Cash & Carry, etc in the country to name a few.
Alharamain intends to open up Pakistan market with quality and affordability for dates as the hallmarks to the entire satisfaction of those who value such products.